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from “Mister Today”

A Desolate One
Enough Hiding
Gospel According to Plotinus
A Comparative One
Cantata after Plotinus
Self-inflicted Modesty
Manifesto of Love
There is No Silence
Plotinus kiss
Hölderlin’s Eagles
Spirit Flame
Cosmopolitan Ode
A Nautical One
A Radio One
A Bird
Happy Carpet
Press Conference
Monday’s Overture
A Famous Person’s Translation
Mister Today, a Doctor from Ossetia
The Last One to Go
Toy Blocks
Delicious Whiteness of Corn

In the silence of a vacant room
I felt manliness surge
in me and thrust its thirsty
mouth into mute air.

Mister Today reflected and reflected,
losing himself in hazy thoughts,
and again he stumbled upon a narrow trail of smoke,
dismantling into chunks of life
and pieces of subtle noise,
which intermingled disorderly
like toy blocks.

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