I. Midnight. The People"s Theatre. Empty stage.
II. A skeleton in the kitchen.

MAKSIM BRODSKI (Alone, with a plastic white rope, Robespierre’s wig, a black garbage bag, a bottle of red wine, and bread wrapped in paper. Rehearses.):
”What is happening here, citizens!? Blood should be flowing everywhere!!! We were waiting only for the cry of discontent to ring out from all sides before we speak. (He puts the wig on, unwraps the bread.) We may well ask: have the people been robbed?” (Exasperated with his interpretation of the text, he goes back. He eats.) This won’t do, you idiot. It has to come from inside!!! (He begins again.) …“when we see the people’s lawmakers display all the vices and luxuries of former courtiers, when we see these marquises and barons of the Revolution marrying rich wives, giving sumptuous banquets, gambling, keeping servants and wearing expensive clothes…” (He drinks.) Stop it!!! Nothing!!!
It’s empty!!! “Let there be no compromise, no armistice with those who were only set on robbing the people, who hoped to rob them unpunished! (He puts down everything that he carries on the empty stage. He is looking for the passage in Danton’s Death.)” For whom the Republic was speculation and the Revolution a trade!” (He lights up a cigarette. He sits down on the empty stage.) “The villains are not great in number. We need only strike down a few heads, and the country is saved.” Nothing!!! It’s empty!!! (He plays with the cigarette smoke.)
(The night shift fireman of the People’s Theatre enters in a spotlessly clean uniform.)
THE FIREMAN: Brodski, put out that cigarette right this moment…
MAKSIM BRODSKI: Get out of my sight! I’ll kill you! Right now! Get going, fast!!!
THE FIREMAN (exits): That’s fine. You just wait.
MAKSIM BRODSKI: No, I can’t. And I won’t go. (He gathers up the props.) I’m not going! And besides what kind of language is this I’m speaking!? “What’s happening here, citizens!?” Nothing. They’ll kill me over there with their languages. It’s one thing to be able to say: “Was passirt hier, Burger!? Citoyens, qu’est-ce qu’il se passe ici? Chto zdes praiskhodit, grazhdane… And what do you say? “What is happening here?” (He imitates himself.) What a shithead!… Nothing! Not a damn thing is happening here. I can’t go on. (He picks up the play. Dejected and hopelessly serious, he begins to rehearse again.) “What is happening here, citizens!? Blood should be flowing everywhere!!!” (He opens the book.) What is…
(Behind him appear six men dressed like Robespierre. They imitate his movements and pronounce with him the same sentence in their own languages.)
Hey, wait a minute, I’m not… How did you get here? Wait a minute.
Hugo, Hamlet, wait. Bencio, wait. Creon, Stavrogin, Vladimir… wait… (He smokes.)
THE FIREMAN (comes in again): Maksim Brodski, if you don’t put out that cigarette…?!!
MAKSIM BRODSKI (He picks up the bottle and acts as if he is going to throw it.): Get out of here!!!
(The Fireman exits.)
MAKSIM BRODSKI: This can’t go on like this. There’s no way. So die here. Rot. You’re not going anywhere!!! Rot here, you scumbag!!! (He gathers up the props and starts to walk off stage.)
(The ghost of Avram comes to meet him.)
MAKSIM BRODSKI: Who are you?
AVRAM (silent).
MAKSIM BRODSKI: Who the hell are you?
AVRAM (silent).
MAKSIM BRODSKI: Why don’t you say something? What’s going on here? Why am I being followed? Who is trying to control me? What are you doing here? Who sent you? And they say there’s freedom in this country? Can’t you see I’m alone and I’m not doing anything, I’m practising my Robespierre… What are you staring at? There’s nothing here to see… And who are you anyway? Who are you working for?
AVRAM (silent).
MAKSIM BRODSKI: Who’s letting these strangers into my rehearsal? Come on out now, Comrade Fireman, our member of the working class. Come on out and tell me…
(The ghost of Avram disappears.)
THE FIREMAN: You’ll see who you’re dealing with! You’ll never step on this stage again in your…
MAKSIM BRODSKI: Who told you to let him in?
THE FIREMAN: Let who in?
MAKSIM BRODSKI: This one here…! (He points with his finger.)
(The ghost is not there.)
THE FIREMAN: Enough of your stories! You should be ashamed! You’ll burn our theatre down and then I’ll have to answer for that!
MAKSIM BRODSKI: Shut up!!! Get out!!! Don’t you see I’m rehearsing?! … I’m sorry… (He approaches him.) I can’t do it. See, I can’t… I’m alone and I’m not alone… Come here for a second… give me your finger (Brodski takes his right hand index finger. He puts the cigarette out.) Take a good look! Am I many people at the same time or am I alone? Just look.
(He picks up the book. The six Robespierres imitate his movements.)
”What is happening here, citizens? Blood should be flowing everywhere…”
THE FIREMAN (with his finger under his eye): There are many behind you, just like you… (The Fireman removes his finger from under his eye.)
(The Robespierres disappear.)
MAKSIM BRODSKI: Now you see… I’m alone and I’m not alone…
THE FIREMAN: I’ve had enough of your kind. There’s no end to your…
MAKSIM BRODSKI (He hands him the bottle of wine.): Have a drink…!
THE FIREMAN: No, no, I’m fine. (He drinks.)
MAKSIM BRODSKI (He gathers up the props.): I’m leaving right away, I have to go! Immediately! And I’m sorry that I…
THE FIREMAN: That’s OK. That’s OK… But don’t do it again.

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