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Poetry – Zvonko Karanović

A Howl from the Supermarket of Dreams
Please Don’t Tell Me I’m the Only Man Who’s Forgotten How to Hate
The Mountain Path is Wet
I Just Don’t Want to Know the Score
The Best Years of Our Lives

The Best Years of Our Lives


We travel over beds
tired from yet another habit
the bodies
of young and beautiful gods
have turned into the bodies
of enemies

the bed we
spent years in
became the museum
of ossified passions
and still we have a reason
to turn our backs
on one another
when we switch off the light

I lost you
unwittingly, without effort
and once more we’ve become
the beautiful losers
helium dolls
in the bright windows of bars

the sun floats
above the frozen park
lighting up the arid winter landscape
the biggest crowd
is in the bus to the cemetery
only the wind is
lonelier than us

AuthorZvonko Karanović
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