Drawings with text

Drawings with text

as my grandpa was scrolling on the internet, he thought of robinson crusoe and his shipwreck. the journey of this man in reverse seemed like a greater selfwreck to him: from a deserted island towards the allthepeople-land.

my grandpa could never fully reveal the identity of the devil’s entity.
he knew that it was a three-pronged stabber and the ingredient of many a formulas for distress. the essence of every detail. the bulging eye with no yearning to dream.
he sleeps, but not just with anyone – my grandma uttered.

a key or  manipulative politics.

the untruth is not always a lie, and not that the truth is never a lie, they are two women neighbours who sit, sip coffee and stick their (middle) finger in the coffee sediment, and if they fail to see a way in the fingerprint, then there is no way.

AuthorPero Georgiev
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