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Vladimir Martinovski (1974) is an Associate professor, teaching the subject of Comparative Poetics at the Department of General and Comparative Literature, Faculty of Philology “Blaže Koneski”, Sts Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje.
Bibliography: From an Image to a Poem: Intersections Between Macedonian Contemporary Poetry and the Fine Arts (a study, 2003), Sea Moon (haiku and tanka, 2003), Hidden Poems (haiku), Skopje: Magor, 2005), And Water and Earth and Fire and Air (haiku, 2006), Comparative Triptychs (studies and essays), Skopje: Magor, 2007), Les Musées Imaginaires, (a study, 2009), The Echo of the Waves (haibuns, 2009), Paintings for Reading – Aspects of Ekphrastic Poetry (a study, 2009), Quartets (poetry2010), Comparative Diptychs (studies and essays, 2011), Hurry up and Wait! (prose poems, 2011), A Portrait of a Poet with an Umbrella (selected poetry, 2011), Reverse Profile (selection of poems 2011), Across Europe (short stories, together with Perta Hulova, Sudabe Mohavez and Kristin Dimitrova, 2012) and Before and after the Dance (poetry, 2012).
He has been an editor of the following books: Ut pictura poesis – Poetry in Dialogue with the Fine Arts, Thematic Selection of Macedonian Poetry (together with Nuhi Vinca 2006); Metamorphoses and Metatexts (together with Vesna Tomovska 2008); When the Butterfly Becomes a Poem (together with Lidija Kapuševska – Drakulevska, 2010), Odysseys about the Odyssey (together with Vesna Tomovska, 2010), New Macedonian Haiku Wavе (2011), Lyrical Dodecameron (2012) and Literary Dislocations (together with Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser, 2012).
Vladimir Martinovski is recipient of the following awards: First Prize at the Short Story Competition of “Nova Makedonija” (2009) and the Brothers’ Miladinov Award (awarded by the International Festival Struga Poetry Evenings, 2010).

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