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Ljupčo Jolevski

Ljupcho Jolevski (mini tour on his own four decades of living)

He was born in an Indian summer in the far…they wrote: 29 September 1958. To good health! He grew up in the wilderness of Debarca – Ohrid with the sun in his heart and dreamt of amusing the others. Instead if continuing the family tradition and becoming an immigrant worker, his father left him to manage himself on the dusty asphalt of the semi-urban Skopje. He learnt the lessons of life without a break. The time of brotherhood and childhood gave him the possibility to spend time with the vinyls of Zeppelin, Bowie, Morrison and the Doors. And instead of continuing to play, he started writing. First in “Mlad Borec” – the journalistic school of life. Once and for good. He passed the path from bringing burek as an assistant, through the stew in “Pivnica” as a journalist and he got lucky when he became the editor of the cultural part in the time of the “spring of Macedonian journalism” and the breaking down of the false peace in the soc-realistic environment. And he wrote first about everything, to start biting on what his rock-and-roll generation was doing (Arhangel, Mizar, Padot na Vizantija…) and fight that the spot light also shine above their heads. Temporarily he was hanging around in TV (Videometronom show and the Sunday Program), to get down and get infected with the Radio. Once and… forever with the magic. As of 1995 he was the helmsman of Channel 103. At the same time, with Oliver Belopeta worked on the musical page (for quite some years) of the Saturday edition of “Nova Makedonija”. The experience that money does not pay. Ups, don’t let me forget that he has cooperated with Ekran, Detska Radost, then almost with all youth newspapers in former Yugoslavia, Rok, Vreme – zabave, Makedonsko vreme, Grad… Start, Blesok, BalCanis, Antena (Dnevnik)...

Blesok no. 117, December, 2017
      sound, reviews: INTERVIEW: GORAN TRAJKOSKI

Blesok no. 118, March-April, 2018

Blesok no. 16, August-September, 2000
      sound, reviews: For Whom the Drums Beat?

Blesok no. 17, October-November, 2000
      sound, reviews: Ritmistica
      sound, reviews: Days of Swallowing of Freedom

Blesok no. 18, January, 2001
      sound, reviews: Balkans' R'n'R Summit

Blesok no. 19, February-March, 2001
      sound, reviews: Woke Up in Motion
      sound, reviews: Brave Silly Songs

Blesok no. 20, April-May, 2001
      sound, reviews: Kiril: Religion and/or Sex?
      sound, reviews: Djivan Gasparian: Heavenly Armenian
      sound, reviews: Interview with Djivan Gasparian
      sound, reviews: Whoever Hears Me Sing!

Blesok no. 21, June-July, 2001
      sound, reviews: Interview with Darko Rundek
      sound, reviews: The Wild Gallop of the “Horses”
      sound, reviews: “The Healer” went into the Light
      sound, reviews: Macedonia = Caledonia (?!)

Blesok no. 22, August-September, 2001
      sound, reviews: Interview with Zlatko Origjanski
      sound, reviews: Two Steps Forwards - One Step in Place

Blesok no. 23, October-November, 2001
      sound, reviews: Interview with Jim Hall

Blesok no. 24, January-February, 2002
      sound, reviews: Interview with Synthesis

Blesok no. 25, March-April, 2002
      sound, reviews: Interview with Kiril Dzhajkovski

Blesok no. 26, May-June, 2002
      sound, reviews: The missing link
      sound, reviews: Goodbye to the Imaginary World

Blesok no. 27, July-August, 2002
      sound, reviews: Once in a Lifetime?!
      sound, reviews: Love Serenades

Blesok no. 28, September-October, 2002
      sound, reviews: Faith
      sound, reviews: The Sentinels
      sound, reviews: Radio: Channel 103

Blesok no. 29, November-December, 2002
      sound, reviews: Pirates
      sound, reviews: Losers

Blesok no. 30, January-February, 2003
      sound, reviews: Interview with Mizar

Blesok no. 31, March-April, 2003
      sound, reviews: Toni Kitanovski Trio in “Universal Hall”
      sound, reviews: Hopkins - Kitanovski Quartet in “Universal Hall” in Skopje

Blesok no. 32, May-June, 2003
      sound, reviews: Ry Cooder, The Music Missionary
      sound, reviews: The Card Tower Will Endure through the Time

Blesok no. 39, November-December, 2004
      sound, reviews: Čalgija is the Pop Music of a Time

Blesok no. 40, January-February, 2005
      sound, reviews: Kobna ubavina – Scream of disagreement to the vultures

Blesok no. 41, March-April, 2005
      sound, reviews: Zoran Madžirov – Nomad-Musician
      sound, reviews: Kiril Džajkovski – Modern musician

Blesok no. 42, May-June, 2005
      sound, reviews: Fado has something like a watermark

Blesok no. 44, September-October, 2005
      sound, reviews: Little blues, little rock, much soul
      sound, reviews: The Blues and the Flamenco are “brothers in emotion”

Blesok no. 45, November-December, 2005
      sound, reviews: Bossa-Nova from Rio and Rock'n'Roll from Pernambuco
      sound, reviews: I don't play music with my mind, but with my heart and soul

Blesok no. 46, January-February, 2006
      sound, reviews: An Intensed Sound Odyssey Right To The Center Of Freedom
      sound, reviews: Macedonia is a Goldmine for Talents

Blesok no. 47, March-April, 2006
      sound, reviews: Foltin: We fight a guerilla war against the despair

Blesok no. 48, May-June,2006
      sound, reviews: Ljubojna with Macedonian Music for the 21st Century
      sound, reviews: Dreams and Silent Calms

Blesok no. 49, July-August, 2006
      sound, reviews: Crazy Japanese in the Land of Broken Beats


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